Sailors, friends and family members are tested on their nautical and shark knowledge.

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“Cash Cab”

Season-nine premiere of the game show hosted by comedian Ben Bailey kicks off with a special Shark Week episode; Ben tests groups of sailors, friends and family members on their nautical and shark knowledge; 7 p.m. Friday on Discovery Channel.

Also on Friday

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“Safari Live: The Gauntlet,” 8 p.m. (NATGEOWILD): Season premiere; safari guides follow the migration of 2 million wildebeest.

“Megalodon: Fact vs. Fiction,” 8 p.m. (DISCOVERY): Experts discuss Megalodons, an extinct species of giant sharks, including a first look at the 2018 movie “The Meg.”

“Whistleblower,” 8 p.m. (KIRO): An employee at a top military contractor discovers and attempts to expose massive fraud.

“The Great British Baking Show,” 9 p.m. (KCTS): The bakers face three sweet dough challenges; creating signature regional buns; jam doughnuts; and a showstopping enriched dough loaf.

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“In Search Of,” 10 p.m. (HISTORY): Zachary Quinto investigates superhumans and meets a man who bent the metal frame of a car door with his bare hands in a moment of crisis, and a Shaolin warrior monk who demonstrates his training secrets.

Madeline McKenzie: Program times may vary depending on your cable provider or service.