Other shows to watch tonight: “Finding Your Roots,” “This Is Us,” “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World” and “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders.”

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“The Flash”

Season four premiere; after the Flash sacrificed himself to the Speed Force to save Central City, Team Flash works to protect the city without him, until a powerful villain threatens to level the city if the Flash doesn’t appear, leading Cisco to break him out of the Speed Force; 8 p.m. Tuesday on KCPQ.

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Also on Tuesday

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“The Planets,” 7 p.m. (SCIENCE): Astronaut Mike Massimino reveals mysterious secrets of our Moon, its origin, and how it kick-started life on Earth.

“Finding Your Roots,” 8 p.m. (KCTS): Actors Fred Armisen and Christopher Walken and musician Carly Simon learn about grandparents who had been a mystery to them.

“D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow,” 9 p.m. (KSTW): Season three premiere; the Legends break the timeline and are relieved of duty; Rory spots Julius Caesar in Aruba, and Sara, Nate, and Ray devise a plan to stop him from conquering the modern world.

“This Is Us,” 9 p.m. (KING): Randall and Beth get exciting news; Rebecca tries to reconnect with Jack.

“Bull,” 9 p.m. (KIRO): The DA’s office asks Bull to assist in the prosecution of a fraternity when a pledge accidentally drowns during hazing.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” 9:30 p.m. (KCPQ): Jake is back at the precinct but assigned desk duty; Rosa believes Pimento may be cheating on her.

“Kevin (Probably) Saves the World,” 10 p.m. (KOMO): Yvette tries to guide Kevin in his mission to help others, but his good intentions go awry.

“Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders,” 10 p.m. (KING): Defense attorney Abramson works to understand what could drive two young men to commit such a crime.