“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” premiering Friday on Netflix, takes place years after the original series. Here’s hoping it has the heart and wit of its predecessor.

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I grew up with Rory Gilmore.

Nose always in a book, top of her class, sweet but confident, addicted to pro-con lists, aspiring journalist, witty and quick to the punch. I wanted to be just like her.

When I had my first kiss, my best friend bought me a box of cornstarch, which Rory accidentally shoplifted after her own in those heartwarming early episodes. When she had hers, she texted “bible kiss bible.” A quarter of our inside jokes were “Gilmore Girls” references.

We fell for Lorelai and Rory, the dynamic mother-daughter duo, just 16 years apart in age. We loved their feuds and foibles, their adorably manic small town of Stars Hollow, and all of its charming characters. We wanted to date all of their boyfriends (except Christopher, and older Dean).

Years later, on Friday we’ll be holed up in my apartment binge-watching all four 90-minute episodes of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” on Netflix. We’ll follow the Gilmore rules: no phone calls, no talking (except when we feel like it), and required consumption of lots and lots of coffee, takeout and Pop Tarts.

Here are 15 things I want to see from the revival, in no particular order. (Note: I haven’t let myself read any of the reviews.) The pressure is on.

1. Rory doesn’t have a boyfriend. For the record, I’m #TeamLogan. (I know, some of you will stop reading right here.) But I am also very glad she turned down his proposal at the young age of 22, and I dream that we can make it through a year in the life without Rory’s story revolving around a man.

2. Paris is ruling the world. After enduring Operation Finish Line and getting into Harvard Medical School, I hope to see her as strong, driven and obnoxious as ever.

3. The Lorelai-Luke drama is kept to a minimum. Wishful thinking, I know.

4. A proper tribute to Richard Gilmore, everyone’s favorite grandfather. (RIP, Edward Herrmann.)

5. One traditional Friday-night dinner where someone walks out in a huff.

6. A good ol’ Luke-Taylor bickering brawl.

7. A new, crazy Stars Hollow festival. Oh, how I’ve missed that town.

8. The bad background music returns. (Judging from the trailers, this dream may not come true. But after having fallen asleep watching the DVDs so many times only to wake up to the repetition of the breathy “Ba BAAA, Ba BAAA, babababa baaa da,” it has become comforting.)

9. Michel. Just, so much Michel.

10. Lane has raised her boys to go to both Korean bible school and drum lessons. They are hiding something under the floorboards — maybe tofu.

11. Now this one is weird, but I want Sookie and Jackson to have gotten divorced. How they can make it through a lied-about vasectomy and their constant bickering for another eight years is beyond me.

12. April has moved very, very far away, and we never have to hear her say the word “fabulous” ever again.

13. Likewise, Christopher is gone forever.

14. Cat Kirk, on the other hand, is alive and well. (And Paul Anka!)

15. And, of course, human Kirk should be in every other scene. I hope he’s living happily with Lulu (and his mother).