Episode 6 of 'Downton Abbey': a kiss in the rain, an unexpected romance, an eventful home tour, and a most splendid huff.

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Well, that’s what happens when you royally displease the Dowager Countess: She will disrupt your house tour, hiss dramatic statements in your direction, and provide the best demonstration of Leaving In A Huff that you’ll ever see. Elsewhere on “Downton Abbey” this week: the aforementioned huff means that — maybe? — we’re soon to see the end of the Unending Downton Hospital Drama; Mary kissed the dishy Henry (referred to by Edith as an “oily driver” — Edith, where are your eyes?) in the rain; there appears to be a hint of romance between Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason, and Daisy doesn’t like it one little bit; Anna is still pregnant, and may well be so for all of eternity; Thomas is still miserable (nobody likes him but Master George!); Mrs. and Mrs. Carson are experiencing mild marital tension over her cooking skills; and everybody got their knickers into a knot over the Downton House Tour — for charity, mind you — at which we learned that the Granthams own a useful supply of the sort of velvet ropes you see at theaters. To the quotes!

5) “Why is it so big? Why not buy somewhere comfy?” Unnamed Child (well, I think his name is Plot Device) to the bedridden Robert, on the absurdity of living in such a massive house. I liked Robert’s thoughtful reply, though: “You know how it is. You like what you’re used to.”

4) Carson, on the dangers of allowing the unwashed and envious classes to view life at Downton (via the house tour): “You think they must be having a better time, and then you want them not to be having a better time, and next thing you know there’s a guillotine in Trafalgar Square.” This whole sequence, of course, was a very big wink to the present, in which the entire reason that Highclere Castle (which plays the role of Downton Abbey) and other grand country homes have survived is because their owners finance the upkeep via house tours. “What a revolting suggestion,” says Robert, to Tom’s idea that they might give it a try — once again, he’s on the wrong side of history.

3) “Pack something for the evening. Medium smart.” Mary, to Anna, planning their quick jaunt to London. “Medium smart,” of course, means a to-die-for dress of blue-green silk, with a gold lace overlay. What do you suppose “high smart” looks like? (Runner-up here: Mary’s mildly acid comment, when Anna rushed in late, “I thought I was going to have to dress myself.” Horrors!)

2) Tom, to Mary: “Who is this flexible and reasonable person? I don’t recognize my own dear sister Mary. Can this be love?” I love how Tom is playing Cupid this season — sort of a tweedy Irish version of Cupid. Mary gets extra points for some really excellent side-eye when it looked as if Tom might be joining in on her romantic walk home with Henry. It’s an expression I will study and try to duplicate in my own life.

1) The Dowager Countess, in the throes of betrayal, speaking of Cora: “That she should connive at my humiliation, to revel as I am cast into the darkness!”  At least she’s not going there quietly.