We have reached that inevitable milestone in Katie Thurston’s season of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” where a simple truth must be impressed upon each and every suitor in pursuit of her heart: Y’ALL KNOW SHE’S DATING SEVERAL OF YOU AT THE SAME TIME, RIGHT?

Some of these guys need to remember that they’re on a game show and not on some noble quest, because their reaction to “Bachelorette” returnee Blake Moynes was extra. Blake was on current co-host Tayshia Adams’ season, but came back to win Renton resident Katie’s heart because he saw her and knew she was the one, and also probably because the producers love messing with people. Their chemistry was shockingly palpable, considering that Katie has approximately 1,000 other hearts to rule out. 

Here’s what else happened on Monday night’s episode:

Testosterone is a heck of a drug: Because “The Bachelorette” is literally a competition show, there are always a few physical challenges where the remaining suitors line up to beat each other up. We saw that in this week’s “Bachelorette Bash Ball” game, where the guys wore super-tight wrestling singlets, and played some sort of rugby/football/Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots hybrid. The standout was intense Hunter Montgomery, whose name sounds like a rich frat guy from an ‘80s movie. He earned a rose, as well as the ire of all the other guys. Congratulations, Hunter! The bull’s-eye is now on you! Enjoy!

The testosterone runs high as the suitors play Bash Ball on Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelorette.” (Craig Sjodin / ABC)

Surprise front-runner: Andrew “Andrew S” Spencer always seemed like a perfectly nice guy with a terrible, fake British accent that Katie loved to hear, but with no real shot. But this week, he shed the jokey accent and got real. He talked about how he’d connected to Katie because they’d both lost fathers (his to prison, hers to a fatal illness), and how he was aware that if they wound up together, they’d be an interracial couple and potential parents of biracial kids who might face prejudice. Katie admitted that this was something she hadn’t had to consider before but that she was ready to embrace if she chose him. For all the fairy-tale artifice of the show, this seemed authentic and thoughtful. 

Wild Flailing Guess: Andrew and Blake seem to be in the mix, but early standout Greg Grippo seems to still be hanging in, as is Michael “Michael A” Allio, who finally told the rest of the guys that he’s a widowed dad. That elicited a sad, heartfelt response, many tears and a genuine hug between Greg and Michael. It must be said that this seems to be a really good group of guys. Of course, they’re all fighting for the same woman, so it’s eventually going to become Dating Hunger Games. But let us enjoy the brotherhood while we can.