Breakups on “The Bachelorette” aren’t usually all that emotional. Whittling down the list of suitors is part of the game, like knocking down bowling pins. It’s gotta happen. (Don’t hate the bowler, hate the game.) Still, Katie Thurston’s surprise goodbye to sweet schoolteacher Connor Brennan had everyone sobbing. And we mean everybody, from our hometown girl from Renton, to Connor, to the other suitors who usually like it when people who aren’t them go home.

So what was it about Connor that made his absence so sad? First of all, he seems like a truly nice guy who plays the ukulele and dressed as a cat in his first appearance to make self-confessed crazy cat lady Katie smile. Also, he reminds us of a mid-’90s Chris O’Donnell, so clean-cut and sparkly. He even got the thumbs-up from Jason Tartick, former “Bachelorette” contestant and current partner of co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe, on his and Kaitlyn’s double date with Connor and Katie.

Sadly, Jason wasn’t giving out the roses — Katie was. And when she asked for one last kiss with Connor to make sure of their chemistry (or lack thereof), it really, really was their last kiss. Bummer. We’ll miss Connor — again, he seemed like a nice guy. Moment of silence for Connor. OK! Next!

Here’s what else happened on Monday night’s episode:

STUPID DRAMA EVERYBODY CARES ABOUT: The men in the house have continued their mission to start targeting men they don’t care for as a group, “Survivor”-style, and this week’s bull’s-eye was on Hunter Montgomery. (He was also the target of some ugly online harassment from fans last week after his rough tackling of fan favorite Michael Allio during a rugby game and his alleged monopolizing of Katie’s time.) In the most recent episode, Hunter told the other guys he wasn’t yet in love with Katie, but then told her he was, a juicy tidbit they couldn’t wait to tattle. That news spelled doom for Hunter, but also for tattlers Tre Cooper and Aaron Clancy, who were all, “Maybe we should have focused more on getting to know the woman we were here to date and not being narcs.” Snitches don’t get roses.

NOT THE RIGHT TIME, BLAKE: While everyone else was mourning the loss of nice guy Connor, returning suitor Blake Moynes decided it was a good time to show up outside of Katie’s suite like John Cusack in “Say Anything,” holding a radio playing “Memorize You,” the song featured in their one-on-one date. It was cute and all, and the point of this show is to spend your time wooing, but dude just left! Read a room.

ALSO SEEN AND HEARD AROUND THE HOUSE: The episode started with Katie explaining that she was interested in how long the men could go without … self-care, as she put it. (This is a family newspaper, so we won’t be elaborating on the other euphemisms used on the show. Our grandmother reads this.) This garnered some really funny responses, and at least a little panic. At one point, Katie kissed Blake, reminded him of her challenge and asked if they should stop kissing. They didn’t.

WILD, FLAILING GUESS: Greg Grippo is still in the running, as is Blake, widowed dad Michael and Andrew Spencer, although some problematic tweets of his have cropped up. Uh-oh.