State by state, map shows most binge-watched TV shows

Washington's Netflix pick might surprise, but Oregon's is pretty predictable.

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Maybe it’s not really a surprise that Washingtonians are obsessed with a show about a woman who gives up everything in New York for a chance at love and a new life on the West Coast or that Oregonians are tickled by “Portlandia.”

While Netflix and other streaming service providers, like Amazon Prime, don’t release ratings information, curious investigators at  — which seeks to inform consumers about internet options — got to wondering who binge-watched what and where.

“We wondered if the data on streaming content by state in 2016 might tell a compelling story about how Netflix favorites reflect regional differences,” said the company in a blog post when the map was released earlier this month. The data was compiled, the company said, by  cross referencing Netflix’s top 75 shows with Google Trends to determine which series was most likely to be streamed on devices in each state.

According to the highspeedinternet’s findings, Washingtonians can’t get enough of “Crazy Ex Girlfriend,” which airs on The CW. They share this obsession with California, New York and Massachusetts. New Englanders seem to prefer shows that feature female protagonists including “Nurse Jackie,” “New Girl,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” and “Shameless.” And it comes as no surprise that Indiana likes “Parks and Recreation.”

“Scandal,” about political intrigue in the White House, proved popular across the South and the Midwest. “Orange Is the New Black,” “Bloodline” and “Narcos” are among the shows that made repeat appearances.