After a semitruck hauling propane rolled over Monday, Interstate 5 was shut down for hours. But that didn't stop one improvising taco truck.

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Seth Meyers chimed in on Seattle’s epic traffic jam Monday, making the improvising taco truck that opened on the freeway to serve lunch the butt of a joke.

“Nothing gets the traffic moving like a taco,” Meyers said at the tail end of his Late Night monologue on Tuesday.

Tacos El Tajin was among the hundreds of vehicles stuck in a full closure of Interstate 5 on Monday. The truck was on its way to South Lake Union for lunch, but got held up for hours after a semitruck hauling propane rolled over.

The wreck, which led to the closure and a nasty commute later in the day, didn’t stop El Tajin employees from opening for lunch anyway.

“We are ready to serve food, everywhere,” the truck’s owner said on Monday.