They were invited on the show after their YouTube video was viewed nearly 150 million times.

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Seattle singing sensations Dave Crosby, 29,  and his 4-year-old daughter, Claire, continued to warm hearts and elicit coos with their rendition of the  song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the “Toy Story 2” soundtrack.

The dynamic duo most recently appeared Thursday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and won a trip to Disneyland,  a basket full of toys and a new round of fans with her adorable interview answers.

Claire claimed on “Ellen” that she’d been singing for about “a week” prior to the onset of fame and that she loved singing because you can do it “so much.”

The little cutie also said she’s a fan of musician Taylor Swift and the movies “Frozen,” “The Little Mermaid” and “Finding Dory.”

“I  like that there’s Dory in it,” she told Ellen, who is the voice actor for Dory.  “Yes,” DeGeneres replied. “I love that Dory’s in it, too.”

Crosby, who is a creative director at the Bothell-based drone and camera company Autel Robotics, posted a video of himself and his daughter sitting on a couch together and singing the song on their YouTube channel, Claire and the Crosbys. In it, the little girl scrunches up her face adorably and lifts her head to hit the high notes. It is very cute, and the video has nearly 150 million views.

We love music,” Crosby told People Magazine. “Music really is powerful and we love the emotion that it can bring to any setting. Claire especially just has so much emotion in her when she sings, and she is pretty much always like that. You can tell she just feels something when she sings, and its so fun to let others experience that with her.”

“I like singing with my dad!” Claire told the magazine. “I like that he makes cool music videos for us to watch together.”