We live-blogged tonight's season premiere of "American Idol."

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Tonight was the season premiere of “American Idol.” The show went to Boston in search of talent.

Here’s how the evening unfolded:

This … is “American Idol.”

5:01 – Recapping last off-season, including the resignation of Paula Abdul and the addition of Ellen DeGeneres. (But she’s not on show until February.)

5:02 – Time for the usual corny stuff about dreams coming true! -yawn-

5:04 – It’s rainy in Boston, but dispositions are sunny! Victoria Beckham is reportedly the guest judge for Boston. Posh Spice in the house!

5:06 – The first audition of the year: Janet McNamara of Somerset, Mass. Oh my, that pink top does not cover everything it should cover. If this is a sign of things to come, we’re in trouble. Gag. She called Kara Paula!

5:10 – I have a question: What percentage of these people are doing goofy tryouts just to make it on the show? It has to be a high percentage.

5:14 – OK, if you’ve just tuned in, you’ve missed absolutely nothing.

5:15 – Time for the first ‘human-interest’ story of the season. A 16-year-old girl, Maddy Curtis, who has brothers with Downs Syndrome. She sings Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and sings it well. Easily punches ticket to Hollywood. Simon says 16-year-olds are usually annoying!

5:20 – Pat Ford, Derry, Mass., sings “Womanizer.” This would be the time to go check on dinner. This proves Simon’s point that teens are annoying. At least he gets a hug from Kara.

5:22 – Medley time of females in Boston who made it to Hollywood. There’s hope for our ears afterall.

5:23 – BTW, you’ll notice the ubiquitous Coke cups are gone. That’s because the new sponsor is Vitamin Water.

5:28 – OK, time to give the guys a shot. Next up is Amadeo Diricco. Nice Italian-American dude. And he can belt out the blues. He gets the coveted “favorite audition of the day” comment from Simon.

5:33 – Derek is up next. Long-haired blond guy. Oh so sad. Try to imagine the most nasally singing you’ve ever heard in your life and that’s him. Ouch.

5:35 – Medley of tears from the rejects. Yeah, life sucks sometimes.

5:42 – Is it me or are there more commercials this year? Mere Doyle tries to channel Janis Joplin and it’s just … not .. there. Oh no “Singing is my life.” She doesn’t take it well.

5:45 – Time for a couple of talented guys. Luke Shaffer of New York City and Ben Bright both make it through.

5:47 – Andrew Fenlon is having a bad day waiting for audition. This guy is a tough one. He was a total smart-ass when first introduced. But he actually sang decently. Kara rips him for being annoyed at waiting. Um, Kara says he needs a spanking! He doesn’t make it, and that’s kind of sad. Heaven forbid someone have a personality!

Fenlon has easily the best line of the night after he tells the judges he’s singing “House of the Rising Sun.” He looks at Simon and says “You know that one, right?” Total awesomeness.

5:58 – Now it’s a medley of musical theater kids. There must be some crappy teachers out there!

5:59 – Ashley Rodriguez of Boston closes the hour with something worthwhile. Yup, she sings well and, BTW, here appearance will get her far as well. She might be the early favorite at this point.

6:01 – Tyler Grady of Nazareth, Pa., is auditioning with casts on both wrists and some killer circa-1971 duds. He’s doing OK on the Marvin Gaye song, but I’m not as impressed as the judges were.

6:06 – OK so we’re more than an hour in, and I can’t remember a single resonant comment from Posh Spice. Why is she there?

6:09 – Day 2 in Boston. It’s time for a Boston history lesson. Simon, that’s when we threw out the Brits!

6:10 – Lisa Olivero, 24, is a waitress. She’s singing one of the untouchables, Mariah Carey. And it’s another sad moment. She’s sent home.

6:14 – Mike Davis, 18, of Boston, is up. He works on a speedboat for tourists in the Harbor. He tackles “Yesterday.” The judges are at odds, but he makes it through at last.

6:22 – Katie Stevens, 16, is the second tear-jerker story of the night. Her grandmother has Alzheimer’s. And when she sings, she shows some real soul. It wasn’t perfect, but she’s got some great potential if she sings the right songs. And finally Posh says something worthwhile: “You’ve got great stage presence.”

6:26 – Joshua Blaylock of New York is good-looking guy, but almost zero range on his voice. I agree with Simon: forgettable. But the judges come around and end up sending him through. I just don’t see it.

6:33 – A medley of rejects.

6:36 – Justin Williams of Sandy, Utha, is our third sob story of the night. Seven years ago he got cancer and went through chemo. But now he’s cancer-free. And he really has some pipes! That and his good looks will take him far. My vote for best of the night so far.

6:42 – Oh my: Norberto Guerrero has some killer locks. He’s like a black-haired Lion King. Too bad he can’t sing with a lick.

6:46 – Hey, Bosa Mora‘s parents are from Nigeria, just like Chikezie a couple of years ago. Ouch: Posh gives Simon a hard time for rolling his eyes. Nice. It was a close vote but he makes it to Hollywood. He will have a hard time there.

6:54 – Leah Laurenti is the final audition of the night. She can belt it out, loudly. The judges seem impressed, especially Randy.

So that’s a wrap. What did you think of the Boston talent?

Here’s a quick ranking:

1. Maddy Curtis
2. Justin Williams
3. Katie Stevens

Watch for a show analysis later tonight.