Spoilers ahead: This post contains information about nudity, direwolves, Sansa and Bran.

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Popcorn was spilled, no doubt, and a tear or two shed at Episode 5, “The Door.” In fact, as the Night King and his hordes rode up to the cave to get Bran, my usually quiet “GoT” co-watcher burst out with “Holy s—.” That’s a good summary of the episode. Why? Here’s why.

Sansa rising: I don’t know what Littlefinger thought was going to happen, but he likely wasn’t counting on  the elder Stark daughter showing up with Brienne at their secret meeting. “I believe Lady Stark asked you a question,” Brienne said, in one of the best lines of the episode, as Littlefinger was basically tried and convicted by a court of two (and the zillions of viewers at home) for his crimes. Victim no more, Sansa showed that she’s learned a thing or two about blind trust by keeping a secret from her brother (or, as Littlefinger hissed at her, “half-brother.”) Knowledge is power — as Varys continues to demonstrate — and she’s going have a little of both, thanks very much.

Hodor and the Door: We had to say goodbye to two more steadfast companions: Hodor and Bran’s wolf. Thanks to one of Bran’s visions (one where he managed NOT to screw it up) we know why Hodor was Hodor, and what “Hodor” means. The scene where Hodor holds the door against the wights as Bran is dragged away was horrifying and poignant. Bran becomes the three-eyed raven, but Hodor’s the one who made it happen. It was sacrifice beyond imagining. How many times did he foresee his fate, and soldier on?

Speaking of steadfast: Ser Jorah decided he was just going to put all his cards on the table, and if Daario (CORRECTED) was even THINKING about smirking…millions would rise from their couches and you would hear them roar. Sadly, Jorah could not even get the hug from Dany he so richly deserved because of the greyscale. And at the brink of one the pair’s most heartfelt moments, cruel fate intervened. He found himself banished, again, but with orders to find a cure, return and help her rule the seven kingdoms. Yay!

Some questions: Why do all the undead walk around with that twitch, making that clattering noise? “Thriller,” “The Strain,” and now the wights. Who decided? Who came up with the scene between an eye-rolling, disgusted Brienne and a goofily leering Tormund? That person gets a gold star. And, was fan pressure behind the equal time, so to speak, given to male genitalia in this episode? Many “GoT” fans point to the unequal and gratuitous use of nudity on the show as something they wrestle with.

And now, a little quiz that covers something else fans wrestle with: the spellings of characters’ names:


5 names you probably can’t spell from ‘Game of Thrones’

Q: The Mother of Dragons is:
a. Danarys Targarien
b. Danierys Targarian
c. Daenerys Targaryen
d. Daenarys Targaryan
Answer: C

Q: The former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is:
a. John Snowe
b. Jonh Snow
c. Jon Snow
d. Jon Snowe
Answer: C

Q: The eldest daughter of the late Lord of Winterfell is:
a. Sensea Stark
b. Sansa Stark
c. Saensa Stark
d. Sansei Stark
Answer: B

Q: The former ward of the Lord of Winterfell is:
a. Theon Greyjoy
b. Theon Graynjoy
c. Theon Greynjoy
d. Theon Grayjoy
Answer: A

Q: Littlefinger’s real name is:
a. Petyr Bailish
b. Pieter Baelish
c. Peter Baelish
d. Petyr Baelish
Answer: D

How many did you get right?

5: You’re the High Sparrow of spelling.
3 to 4: A girl (or boy) spells some names.
0 to 2: You clearly need to spend more time reading articles about TV shows.