It's twist time. "Real World Seattle: Bad Blood" welcomes seven new roommates to the house.

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After a week in the house, “The Real World” cast has gotten pretty cozy with each another, but that’s all about to change. Yes, the wait is over; now it’s time for the twist. While the Seattle cast spends time pulling pranks and having a bonfire at the beach (Golden Gardens? Alki?), seven more strangers are whisked off to Portland and told they’ll be on a new MTV show. But after arriving in Portland, a shock: They’re told they’re actually going to join the cast of “Real World Seattle.” Ta-da. These are the enemies, frenemies, exes and rivals aka the “bad blood.”

Robbie vs. Jennifer — These exes have some serious bad blood. The breakup was rough on both sides. Jennifer said Robbie sent her a video of him burning everything she gave him. Robbie said he fell out of love with Jennifer and she took it badly. Jennifer is still seeking closure and seems to do so by making fun of his DJ name “Masserobbie” multiple times throughout the episode.

Katrina vs. Anna — This sibling rivalry is more like an all-out war. Anna is the older sister that Katrina could never live up to. Katrina feels she has always been negatively compared to her older sister, which has led to physical fights and Katrina moving out of their house. The two never seem to agree on anything as seen in their conflicting interviews when describing their relationship. Anna almost refused to go to Seattle because she did not want to impose on her sister’s experience. But it’s later revealed, she was actually upset because wanted an experience of her own.

Mike vs. Peter — Manipulator Mike is ex best friends with party Peter. The two besties were like brothers until they moved in together. After a few extravagant nights out, Mike racked up a few thousand dollars on Peter’s tab. Mike promised to pay him back with his prize money from his last appearance on MTV (“Are You the One?”) but never did. According to Peter, Mike just skipped town without paying him back.

Theo vs. Kassius — As we know from the previous episode, Theo blames his cousin for his arrest in college. H had his football scholarship taken away after marijuana was found in their shared dorm room. No surprise Theo’s cousin Kassius is coming to Seattle. Neither of them seem to be worried about a fight breaking out since they both say they have learned to tolerate each other at family events over the years.

Tyara vs. Kimberly —  Tyara was bullied in high school as she said many, many times during the first episode. She is about to be confronted with her high school bully, Kim, who says she has no problem with Tyara. It all started when Kim told everyone at their Georgia high school  that Tyara’s British accent is fake, and she has butt implants. But Kim is confused why Tyara hates her and thinks it may be because Tyara doesn’t understand her sarcasm.

Anika vs. Will —  It should be a hard rule never to date your older brother’s best friend. That is exactly how this on-and-off relationship started. Anika and Will dated for a few years and continued to see each other on-and-off after they broke up. They claim to hate each other, but Will admits that the love may be rekindled on the show.

Jordan vs. Orlana —  These two were once best friends until jealousy, crushes and partying broke them a part. Jordan claims Orlana is irrationally mad about a picture Jordan took of Orlana’s crush and another girl. Orlana says that was the breaking point of a friendship that was ruined by Jordan’s selfish and superficial tendencies.

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The intersection of Second and Pike streets

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