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Top streams of the week

After a major film studio passed, Martin Scorsese turned to Netflix to finance his mob epic “The Irishman” (2019, R), a long-awaited reunion with Robert De Niro (their first collaboration in more than 20 years) and Joe Pesci. Scorsese plays down the cinematic fireworks for a melancholy portrait of a man who loses his compassion and his family in a life of violence. Al Pacino co-stars. Now on Netflix after a brief theatrical run.

Adam Driver plays the congressional aide assigned to investigate the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” (aka torture) in the post-9/11 war on terror in “The Report” (2019, R). Filmmaker Scott Z. Burns effectively dramatizes a complicated subject. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Also new to Amazon Prime is “Brittany Runs a Marathon” (2019, R), a comedy about self-esteem and self-image starring Jillian Bell in the title role.

A severed hand goes on an odyssey to reunite with the rest of itself in the offbeat, fablelike animated film “I Lost My Body” (France, 2019, not rated). Streaming on Netflix.

Apple TV+ debuts “Servant” (TV-MA), a psychological thriller created and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Three episodes are now available, with new episodes each Thursday.


Holiday trimmings: Romany Malco plays a radio DJ and single father in the family comedy “Holiday Rush” (2019, not rated) on Netflix, and James Corden and Lana Del Rey are guests on “The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show” (2019, TV-Y) on Amazon Prime Video.

Classic pick: Charles Laughton and Marlene Dietrich spar in Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution” (1958). On Amazon Prime Video

Free pick: “Tel Aviv on Fire” (Palestine, 2018, not rated, with subtitles) uses comedy to look at the tensions in modern Israel. On Kanopy, a free streaming service available through most library systems.


Dennis Quaid stars in the sitcom “Merry Happy Whatever: Season 1” and Connie Britton and Eric Bana headline the true-crime drama “Dirty John: Season 1” (2018).

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Original science-fiction series “The Feed” offers a near future where people can plug their minds directly into a data network. Also newly arrived are all seven seasons of “True Blood” (2008-2014, TV-MA).


Werner Herzog directs and narrates the documentary “Meeting Gorbachev” (2019, TV-PG), a portrait of the final leader of the Soviet Union.


A family faces dark, twisted, shadow versions of themselves in “Us” (2019, R), Jordan Peele’s eerie, ambitious social satire through a horror-movie lens starring Lupita Nyong’o.

Other streams

Pixar’s Oscar-winning animated feature “Coco” (2017, PG) is new to Disney+.

New on disc and at Redbox

“Angel Has Fallen,” “Where’d You Go, Bernadette,” “Official Secrets,” “Ophelia.”