Here’s what’s new on Video on Demand, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other services.

Top streams of the week

Midsommar” (2019, R) sends a quartet of American students to a Swedish commune for its annual solstice celebration, but all is not what it seems on the sunny surface. More unsettling than horrific, Ari Aster’s follow-up to “Hereditary” is filled with loss, anxiety and pagan rituals, delivered with an edge of absurdist dark humor. Streaming Jan. 10 on Amazon Prime Video.

Michelle Monaghan stars in the Netflix Original series “Messiah” as a CIA officer digging into the truth behind a “miracle worker” (Mehdi Dehbi), whose actions may be part of a geopolitical plot; 10 episodes streaming on Netflix.

The third and final season of “Anne with an E,” the family-friendly series from Canada based on the beloved novel “Anne of Green Gables,” is now streaming on Netflix.

Arriving Saturday on Netflix is “Dracula,” a new take on the horror classic from “Sherlock” creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis

Classic pick: “The French Connection” (1971, R) — William Friedkin’s tough, terse 1971 thriller of maverick New York narcotics detectives (Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider) in pursuit of an international drug-smuggling ring — is now streaming on Hulu.



Christopher Nolan’s trippy heist thriller “Inception” (2010, PG-13), starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar-winning “Pan’s Labyrinth” (Spain, 2006, R, with subtitles), a mix of dark fantasy and war drama, are new this week.

True stories: Janelle Monáe narrates the limited series “Sex, Explained.”

Amazon Prime Video

Danny Collins” (2015, R) is a marvelous redemption tale with Al Pacino as a rock legend who drops out to reconnect with the adult son (Bobby Cannavale) he’s never met.

Prime Video and Hulu

Taraji P. Henson discovers “What Men Want” (2019, R) when she can suddenly hear the thoughts of the men around her. Tracy Morgan co-stars in the comedy.

A little girl discovers a rundown amusement park in the animated adventure “Wonder Park” (2019, PG), with the voices of Jennifer Garner and Mila Kunis.


The new season of “Letterkenny,” the Canadian comedy that has become a streaming sensation, is now available, along with the new animated prequel series “Littlekenny: Season 1.”


Streaming TV: Hulu adds the fourth and final season of “Preacher.” Plus: “Better Things: Season 3,” Seth MacFarlane’s “The Orville: Season 2,” and the entire runs of “Damages” and “Rescue Me.”

Other streams

Britbox now features all four seasons of “Wallander” (2008-2016), BBC’s adaptation of the Henning Mankell novels starring Kenneth Branagh as the brilliant but troubled Swedish detective.

Disney+ is now streaming “Holes” (2003, PG), a terrific adaptation of the award-winning young-adult novel by Louis Sachar starring a young Shia LaBeouf in a breakout performance.

Correction: This column has been updated with a new release date for “Midsommar.” It moved from Jan. 3 to 10.