With the start of American Idol Season 9 hours away, I have a lot on my mind. Time for some 'AI therapy' and unleash it all in print.

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Before you read this I must come clean. I have a man-crush on Danny Gokey. I strongly believe he was your American Idol last season but he allowed Kris Allen to get back in the race. I give Allen credit for paying attention to the previous lessons learned from Seasons 1 through 7: “song choice” can mean everything. Allen opened a whole new fan base when he stripped down and nailed Kanye West’s “Heartless.”

Kudos Kris! But, I am writing this rant partly because I am a sore loser, and partly because I hate sound-a-like songs.

I heard Allen’s song “Live Like We’re Dying” a dozen times thinking it was from the CD I own by a band called The Script, which was released back in the fall of ’08. If you’ve heard this band you know exactly what I mean. Sample “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”, “We Cry”, and “If You See Kay” and you’ll hear what I hear.

With the start of “American Idol” Season 9 hours away, I have a lot on my mind. Time for some ‘AI’ therapy and unleash it all in print.

Other things I am bitter about:

– Producers making Gokey a country singer. His voice is too soulful to be wasted on “I lost my dog, and my beer is warm” songs. Sorry country fans.

– I won’t get to see the infamous Paula Abdul clap Tuesday night.

– February-May because I am NOT an Ellen DeGeneres fan.

– The Rock Star series by Mark Burnett isn’t around any more. There were some extremely talented singers on that show. In fact, did you know Chris Daughtry didn’t make the cut for Rock Star: INXS?

Brian Dunkleman. I kind of miss him on the big show.

Joe Jonas as a celebrity judge. Apologies to my 9-yr old daughter.

Things I am looking forward to:

Simon Cowell’s wardrobe. Will he debut in a black T-shirt, or white?

– The cat fights between Ryan Seacrest and Simon.

Adam Lambert on Oprah…. NOT!!!! This dude gives me the heebee-jeebees.

– The possibility that an Idol comes from Boston or Atlanta, the opening two tryout cities Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Beantown area has given us: Aerosmith; The Cars; Joey McIntyre (New Kids on the Block) and Boston.

Hot-lanta: Ludacris; T.I.; Usher; Kanye West; The Black Crowes; and Sevendust.

Things I am pondering:

– Will Paula be watching Tuesday night somewhere with Corey Clark?

– What a KISS theme week would look and feel like on ‘AI.’

– If ‘AI’ producers would do one season with 30-plus-year old-contestants. There are many talented voices who never got the kind of shot these kids are getting. Susan Boyle anyone?

Until next time let your boogie out. Later days.