A recap of the season 3 premiere of the CW's "Jane the Virgin."

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The CW’s “Jane the Virgin” is back for a third season, and finally, viewers can breathe a sigh of relief.

The telenovela-esque show left many questions unanswered in the Season 2 finale earlier this year. Among the most burning questions: Did Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) die?

WARNING: If you plan on watching the episode, don’t read on. This recap contains major spoilers.

As viewers may remember, Michael was shot by crime boss Rose, aka Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan), who was disguised as his partner Susanna Barnett, in a hallway at the Marbella on his wedding night.

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“Chapter Forty-Five” picks up moments after Michael is shot. Jane Villanueva Cordero (Gina Rodriguez) finds him wounded on the floor and cries for help. Michael is rushed to the hospital, where doctors later tell Jane, her family and Michael’s mother, Patricia (Molly Hagan), that the bullet managed to hurt his spine. Michael runs the risk of being paralyzed from the waist down.

After much thought, Jane and his parents agree to move forward with surgery. Jane, knowing that Michael is a fighter, says he would have wanted the procedure.

As the operation room is prepped, Jane gets a moment alone with Michael, who appears to still be unconscious. She tells him that everything will be OK, that they’ll move into their new home, start traditions with Mateo and their future two children and grow old together.

And sure enough, the surgery goes well.

Jane is with Michael when he wakes up. But their moment together is cut short when a detective enters to ask him if he remembers details around his shooting. The woman is surprised to learn that Michael was shot by his partner, Susanna.

Before Michael and Rafael there was Sam

Taking viewers to happier times, the narrator tells us about the day after Jane’s 21st birthday.

We learn about Sam (Miles Gaston Villanueva), a guy that Jane had had a crush on for what her mom and grandma said was two years — or, as Jane clarified, 17 months.

He stops by to drop off her birthday gift, which is a copy of “Where’d You Go Bernadette,” by novelist Maria Semple. He asks her out on a date to a reading by the author.

Jane had also been asked out by Michael, the policeman she had met during her party. Unsure what to do, she, of course, asks her mom and abuela for advice. Her mother, Xiomara Villanueva (Andrea Navedo) says she should tell Michael she’s sick. Don’t lie, her grandmother Alba Villanueva (Ivonne Col) says. Weighing her options, Jane eventually sides with her mom.

When Sam picks her up, Michael is seen pulling up in his patrol car. Michael, the gentleman that #TeamMichael fans have grown to love, was taking her soup because he thought she was sick. He sees her get into Sam’s car and follows them.

Next thing you know, Michael pulls over Sam over an illegal U-turn. He asks Jane to step out of the vehicle. Away from the car, he tells her about the soup he made her and that he saw her leave with Sam. He gives her the soup and sends her back on her date.

The following day, Jane is seen eating the soup and decides to go talk to Michael. She goes to the police station and apologizes to him for lying about being sick. She asks if he would be open to dating her while she also dates Sam. Michael says he’s not interested.

Later, Michael is at her doorstep telling her he’s changed his mind — he’ll still date her while she dates Sam. When Jane tells him to go away, Michael refuses. “We had something. That kiss was magic,” he says, referring to their kiss on her birthday. When she asks him why he won’t give up, he says he’s a fighter (which, after two seasons, viewers already know is true).

Still #Petrafied

Anezka, who is pretending to be Petra (Yael Grobglas), is back at the Marbella on the phone with her mother, who is in prison. Anezka’s mother reminds her that she must inject the real Petra within six hours to keep her paralyzed.

A police officer knocks on her door and lets her know that Rafael confirmed her alibi when Michael was shot. The officer asks to review an hour’s worth of security footage. Not a problem, Anezka thinks. She can spare an hour.

It turns out, it’s an hour’s worth on 10 different cameras — that’s 10 hours. Uh-oh.

With a little more than two hours left to re-poison the real Petra, she tries to sneak out. However, she gets stuck in the staircase, not knowing she needs a key to open the doors. This and previous behavior raises suspicion among the officers reviewing the tapes.

She’s questioned by Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) and the cops on why she didn’t just use her key to open the staircase doors. Anezka says she’s just worried about her sister and would like to see her. Rafael agrees to stay behind with the police and finish reviewing the tapes while “Petra” goes to visit “Anezka” in the hospital.

Once at the hospital, Anezka finds herself with a new problem: the police officer won’t leave her side. Tension builds up as the real Petra, slowly regaining movement, tries to reach the control to call a nurse and Anezka tries to figure out how she’s going to inject Petra with the poison without the officer seeing.

The officer is briefly distracted when he hears Michael’s surgery was a success and Anezka seizes the moment. Petra’s eyes begin to close and her fingers stop moving.

Upon her return to the Marbella, Anezka tells Rafael she’d like to have “Anezka” at the hotel (making it easier for her to keep poisoning her sister).

But when Anezka tries to talk about the previous night of romance, Rafael says there’s nothing between them anymore (still thinking that she’s his ex-wife Petra) and he’d like to stay friends.

An upset Anezka is later seen on the phone with her mom, planning what sounds like revenge on Rafael.

Xiomara and Rogelio

Outside the hospital, Xiomara confesses to Jane’s dad, Rogelio De La Vega (Jaime Camil), that she’s pregnant. The news hits Rogelio hard as the two broke up because Xiomara did not want to have anymore children, and now she’s pregnant with the child of his enemy, telenovela star Esteban Santiago (Keller Wortham). Xiomara says she doesn’t plan on having the baby.

Under the sea

A police officer reviewing the security footage back at the Marbella mentioned the discovery of white powder in the hallway. After having it tested for cocaine, police determine it’s powdered sugar from doughnuts. It is then that Rafael remembers Rose, his former step-mom and sister’s girlfriend who turned out to be a crime boss, liked powdered doughnuts. He realizes she may still be alive.

The episode ends with Rose telling Rafael’s sister, Luisa Alver (Yara Martinez), not to worry, that they’re going to get their happily ever after. Viewers then discover that they’re in a submarine under water.

“Jane the Virgin” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on the CW.