I'll still be the blog editor for this season, and I'll be handling the live show coverage. But I've enlisted some friends to help keep track of everything else, and to inject some some fun and different opinions into the coverage.

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I’m passing the buck for this season of “American Idol.” I love the show, but writing a blog about it can be a major time suck — I’ve got other stuff to do, ya know?

I’ll still be the blog editor for this season, and I’ll be handling the live show coverage. But I’ve enlisted some friends to help keep track of everything else, and to inject some some fun and different opinions into the coverage. (Oh and we’re still hoping to get some more reader contributions — see my casting-call post.)

Here are the mini-bios of the core contributors:

Me — My real job is Director of Communities for seattletimes.com. I manage our blog offerings, reader commenting and forums. And I’m also leading our efforts to build relationships with Seattle-area neighborhood and community bloggers (more about that here). Personally, I’m a failed guitar player and frighteningly bad karaoke singer. So I know a bad note when I hear it. I did correctly predict that Kris Allen would win Season 8 of “American Idol.” I backed David Archuleta in Season 7 (OK, so he lost, but he’s just so dang nice …) and Jordin Sparks the year before that.

Heidi Brown — I am the Web Design Manager here at The Times. You’re wondering how web design relates to blogging for “American Idol”? Well, it doesn’t. But I am a fan, I’ve watched almost every season and thought it would be fun to contribute. You’ll also notice another Brown in the mix of contributors. Patrick Brown is my husband. But I assure you, you won’t be reading the same things from us. Last year, he was all about Danny Gokey and I loved Adam Lambert. I think Danny is great, but Adam won me over with “If I Can’t Have You”.

I’m looking forward to this season; although a little sad that crazy Paula Abdul won’t be there be laugh at and wonder what she’s talking about, but I’m interested to see what Ellen DeGeneres brings to the show.

Patrick Brown — Looking back, it’s clear that blogging about American Idol is what I was meant to do. As a kid, I loved to listen to Casey Kasem‘s American Top 40 every Sunday. I watched “American Bandstand,” “Solid Gold,” and even “The Gong Show” whenever I could. When people ask what my hobby is, I’m always a little embarrassed. It’s watching TV. Comedy, drama, documentary, I love it all. “American Idol” is a little of all of it.

I’ll admit to being a little late to the “American Idol” party. The thing I noticed over the past few years though, is that pop music in the 2000’s is a lot better then it was in the ’90s, and I think “American Idol” has something to do with that.

Last year I fell hard for Gokey. I’m still shocked he didn’t win. Who will I fall for this year? I can’t wait to find out!

Todd Mossburg — I must say that I am jazzed to take part in the 2010 “American Idol” season. I may be a first-time blogger but check out these credentials:

• Keyboardist for Privasy. That’s right, an ‘s’ instead of a ‘c’. We were a hair poser band in the late ’80s. Our biggest gig you ask? The Old Nevada Museum in 100-degree temps playing to about 20 senior citizens touring the place. You should have seen their faces when we belted out “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” I think we blew out at least three hearing aides that day.

• Headlined a KISS tour at age 7 in the basement of my Akron, Ohio home. We charged $1 a head, and strummed tennis rackets to Kiss Alive II. I had to be Peter Criss so I could pretend to sing “Beth” while holding a rose.

• Most recently, took first place in a house party Whitney Houston karaoke sing-off.

Got to run, Ruben Studdard just hit my shuffle…. “When you’ve found that special thing… You’re flying without wings.”

Cheri Robertson — I’ve been an “Idol” fan since the beginning and Kelly Clarkson remains my fave to this day. The first casting calls were so hilarious though, I couldn’t imagine how the show could possibly survive once the people with real talent started singing. How wrong I was, and how grateful I am as a result.

I revel in watching and listening to the musical magic that other people can make happen. Sadly, the only musical talent I have is downloading songs on iTunes, but I prefer to think that makes me appreciate the talent of others just a speck more.

My contributions come to you via Q13 FOX News, where much of my job is chasing down stories that help shape our newscasts. My bosses there (and my husband too, I’m sure) will tell you that everything I look at, I do with a critical eye. “American Idol” is no different. There’s bound to be an awful lot to rave about, but don’t be surprised when you see a rant or two from me. As an extra little bonus, I’ll have the inside track on all those extra interviews and fun tidbits coming our way. And of course, I’ll be keeping y’all looped in.