On the most recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver offered earnest support to local newspapers and the original reporting found therein.

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What does it say about an industry when a comedian is your most promising pitchman?

On his show Sunday night, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” the British comedian gave passionate support to local newspapers (and original reporting), as well as a withering critique of what he described as the click-chasing, puppy-dog-featuring sensibility of some online news organizations.

The journalism industry in Seattle has seen firsthand the challenges to which Oliver referred — and not just in newspapers. Layoffs, mergers, buyouts and attempted acquisitions have re-shaped Seattle’s media landscape.

Oliver’s soliloquy sounds like many a bar-table sermon you might hear from Seattle Times reporters (new and old). But it sounds a lot better coming from a rather charming celebrity.

(Note: In the video clip below, Oliver uses words some might find offensive).

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