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It didn’t take long for Season 9 of “American Idol” to produce its first pop-culture sensation of the year. America, we present to you the General, Mr. Larry Platt with his instant classic, “Pants on the Ground!”

Pants on the ground
Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground
With the gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways
Pants hit the ground, call yourself a cool cat
Lookin’ like a fool, walkin’ to the town
With your pants on the ground!
Pull ’em up!

The video above, shot outside the Atlanta Idol auditions last summer, reportedly had only 300 views before the airing of the show last night. As of 9:30 Pacific this morning, it had over 110,000 views.

Here’s the audition:

If you didn’t see the show, you missed Platt deliver his version of the song for the judges, complete with gymnastics moves, including the splits. He’s way above the show’s age limit, so he’s not going to Hollywood, but you can bet the show will find a way to bring him back before season’s end.

The USA Today Idol blog has a great post with background about the General:

He got his nickname, “General,” from the Rev. Hosea Williams because of his heroic efforts on behalf of the civil-rights movement.

And Rodney Ho, author of the Access Atlanta Idol blog, interviewed Platt over the phone today.