Crystal Bowersox, where have you gone?

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Crystal Bowersox, where have you gone?

Let’s face it, Crystal knows her vocal style! She delivers consistency every week and she’s in the top three because of it. But, one of the things I feel we’re losing (or maybe we never had it!) is the Crystal who knew her style. When we first saw her this season, she had a Bohemian sort of vibe, she might have looked a little disheveled, but it matched her vocal style (not the disheveled part, but the Bohemian part).

top24.jpgAs the weeks have gone on, she seems to be letting the ‘American Idol’ stylists have their way with her. At first, it looked like she was fighting with the stylists and they couldn’t do anything with her. Here she is in her Top 24 photo shoot. It’s a little polished, but in the wrong direction. The sneakers are good, jeans are good, but the blazer just seems a little too formal for her.

top24sing.jpgShe must have been on a kick with blazers the week of the Top 24! Here she is performing; she looks like a preppy school girl, and I don’t get her style at all from this.

I think she started trying out different looks to see what works for her. The blazer look didn’t feel quite right, so she moved to dresses. This one was kind of interesting. I liked how the stylists customized the dress for her to show off her sunflower back tattoo. But, she looked so uncomfortable in this. Some of it might have been being uncomfortable without her guitar, but the look was still not quite right. Red is a beautiful color on her, but neutrals and earth tones are a better fit. And the stylists should NOT make little twists in her hair, it was way too cutesy and fit for a young teen.