The Washington State University junior got a little creative to earn his "Tonight Show" summer gig.

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Instead of sending in a boring old application for an internship on  “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Cougar Jake Sirianni tried a more attention-grabbing approach.

Taking inspiration  from a 2014 episode in which Daniel Radcliffe rapped Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics” for Fallon, Sirianni created his own version that promoted his desire to work for Fallon, explained why he would be a great intern and alluded to inside jokes on the show.

“Johnny, Jay and Jimmy have come out with the hits. Would it be ever so hard to throw a Jake in the mix?” the junior at Washington State University in Pullman raps while Fallon, who’s been edited into the video,  holds up the letter “J.”

Sirianni learned he earned the coveted spot when Fallon  responded via Twitter on March 22, telling Sirianni to watch the show that night.

During the show, Fallon said, “Jake, if you’re watching, and you better be watching, the answer is yes. Pack your bags, buddy. I’ll see you this summer. I can’t wait to meet you, man. Get ready to work.”

Sirianni told The Spokesman-Review it was surreal to hear his name while watching the show at the Global Scholars Hall where he is a resident adviser.