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From a Seattle childhood as a tomboy to a made-for-TV bride, 26-year-old Seattle graphic artist Catherine Giudici has been caught up in a media whirlwind since “The Bachelor” star Sean Lowe asked her to be his bride Monday night.

Giudici accepted Lowe’s proposal, but appearing on ABC’s reality competition franchise was not without its moments of doubt.

“I was skeptical about truly falling in love with somebody because it’s such an unnatural experience,” Giudici said Tuesday morning in a teleconference with reporters. “But I obviously shattered those [fears] pretty quickly and found the man of my dreams.”

Giudici said her best friend, Bellevue’s Crista Osher, is responsible for her participation in “The Bachelor.”

“She signed me up against my will. She wanted me to find my J.P.,” Giudici said, referring to a prior contestant who was chosen for marriage by Ashley Hebert, the star of season seven of “The Bachelorette.”

“I was a fan of Ashley and J.P.’s relationship and through that I found my Sean.”

In Monday’s season finale, Lowe expressed uncertainty about which woman he would propose to just hours before he was due to present an engagement ring. Giudici said she was undisturbed.

“I accepted and understood what I was getting into from the first night,” Giudici said Tuesday morning. “I don’t fault him for having feelings for multiple women. That’s what the show is about. Knowing he was conflicted doesn’t bother me, because the end result was he was in love with me.”

Lowe said he was having difficulty separating being in love with Catherine from loving Lindsay as a person.

“Luckily there at the end I did receive the clarity I was looking for,” Lowe said. “I’m in love with [Catherine] and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her and I didn’t share those same feelings with Lindsay even though I did love the person she is.”

Filming on “The Bachelor” ended just before Thanksgiving but Giudici and Lowe had to keep the outcome under wraps for almost four months.

“We stayed true to our relationship and kept in contact every day and got to see each other every couple of weeks in L.A.,” Giudici said.

Although born in Maryland, Giudici has made Seattle her home since age 5, growing up in View Ridge and graduating from Roosevelt High School in 2004. Her mother, Cynthia Mejia-Giudici works as a special-education teacher at Roosevelt. Her parents are divorced and her father, Carey, lives in Thailand.

A 2008 graduate of Washington State University with a major in advertising and a fine arts minor, Giudici has worked as a contract designer at Wexley School for Girls ad agency and she reviewed vegan restaurants for Before filming “The Bachelor” she worked at for most of 2012.

In a phone interview Tuesday afternoon, Giudici said she currently lives in Bryant, but not for long: She’s planning a move to Los Angeles to support Lowe as he joins the cast of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and maybe later to Dallas, where Lowe lives.

“I’m probably going to look at other creative outlets in L.A.,” she said. “I still love Amazon and support them, but I will not be working for them when I am moving to L.A. or Dallas.”

Giudici and Lowe are now planning their wedding — Giudici has already picked Osher as her maid of honor — which will be televised by ABC at some point in the near future (no date has been set).

Giudici has no particular dream wedding in mind.

“I grew up a tomboy,” she said, including a one-year stint as the only girl on an otherwise all-boys community league football team (she played nose tackle). “So I didn’t think about my wedding too much growing up.”

Freelance writer Rob Owen: or on Facebook and Twitter as RobOwenTV.