Remember “Supermarket Sweep?” That ’90s game show where contestants ran around a grocery store in colorful sweaters and had to face goofy commentary from the host? Well it’s back — and Angelique Munoz from Bellingham is competing in the revival of the show, which returned Oct. 18 on ABC.

Munoz, 32, is a buyer for Grocery Outlet. She thought she’d have a good chance of doing well on the show because it’s her job to know about the prices and value of different products.

“I’ve always been in this industry of food and retail and I have a very competitive nature,” she said.

Now living in Oakland, California, Munoz and her roommate and co-worker, Elizabeth Tan, decided to give it a try when another friend sent them the opportunity. Munoz said she watched the show during her childhood and thought it was fun and silly.

Munoz and Tan will appear on the episode that airs Oct. 25 at 5 p.m. on ABC.



The game show features three teams with two players apiece competing for a chance to win cash prizes. It’s played in a “grocery store” and contestants have to answer supermarket-related trivia questions, complete puzzles and run around the store to try and find certain items during “sweeps.”

The show originally aired on ABC from 1965 to 1967. It was revived on Lifetime from 1990 to 1995, and again on PAX TV (now Ion Television) from 2000 to 2003. Now back on ABC, the latest version is hosted by comedian Leslie Jones.

Munoz said there was an application process to audition for the show, but it was fun because she and Tan got to show off their personality and what makes them unique. She said during their video interview, they wore matching outfits and incorporated food-related puns.

“My roommate and I, my bestie, we’re pretty silly as it is,” she said.

Aside from her competitive spirit and knowledge of grocery items, Munoz said she and Tan prepared by watching old episodes of the show on Netflix and practicing the possible puzzle games during their road trip down to Santa Monica, California, the filming location.

Munoz said they auditioned in March and, after a production halt due to COVID-19, they filmed the episode about a month ago. She described the process as safe and said everyone was tested beforehand.


During the actual competition, Munoz said she was really trying to focus on the tasks at hand and was “amped up.”

“I enjoyed every moment of it,” she said.

The trivia and puzzle portion of the competition went by fast, Munoz said. The second segment of the show required one member from each team to zoom around the store and fill a cart, with the goal of racking up the most expensive bill in the time allotted. Munoz got to be the one who “swept” the store, which she said was exciting.

Her advice for anyone who wants to try to compete on the show: Be fast and hit the buzzer during the question round, because even if you get the answer wrong, you won’t be penalized.

At the store where Munoz started her career in Bellingham, the crew is very excited for her appearance on the show, she said. They’ve posted about her on their bulletin board in the store and plan to watch the episode together virtually.

“It’s going to be interesting to watch it with everybody else,” Munoz said. “I don’t even know what to expect, and I was there!”


“Supermarket Sweep” airs at 5 p.m. Sundays, on ABC.