Here's the buzz online today and some highlights from an exciting week one.

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Here’s the buzz online today and some highlights from an exciting week one.

Larry Platt (aka The General) and his kooky song “Pants on the Ground” continue to inspire a slew of Internet spoofs, remixes and covers, the best of which is NBC’s Jimmy Fallon-as-Neil-Young crooning below.

Even 3-year-old fan Charlotte was moved to post her version here. Have one of your own? If you live in the Seattle area, you can enter our “Pants on the Ground” video contest and the chance to win a belt. Deadline is Friday, Jan. 22 at noon.

Paula Abdul is missed, says MTV. Comments and tweets on their Newsroom Blog indicate “it’s clear that there is an Abdul-shaped hole in the hearts of even the most hard-core ‘Idol’ fans.” Do you agree?

• Remember “Grapevine” contestant Antonio Wheeler (aka Skii Bo Ski) who made that great analogy about being a package deal? “Because I’m like the dollar store… Even with the dollar store, you can have everything you want in that one package, and it don’t cost you no more than a dollar.” Translation: he’s worth about a buck? And, uh, does that include the shirt? Apparently, Skii Bo Ski has been in front of cameras before. See his mug shots here on

• Speculation on who might replace Simon Cowell continues. I’ve heard everything from Sarah Palin to Ryan Seacrest to Hugh Laurie. Even Elton John‘s name was floated, but don’t get your hopes up. heard from his rep that Elton John will not be replacing Cowell.

• Here’s a good question from earlier this week: Is Kara DioGuardi the Conan O’Brien of this situation, or the Jimmy Fallon?

• Former Idol contestants are riding this week’s wave of publicity, too. Adam Lambert confirmed he’ll be Oprah’s guest (airdate to be determined), and a bikini-clad Katherine McPhee graces February’s cover of Shape Magazine here.

• Next week – Larry Platt will bring “Pants” to “The View” Monday, Jan. 18. And, of course, Chicago auditions will air on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Live blogging of the show starts here at 5 p.m.