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The trailer for  “Star Trek: Discovery,” the first new “Star Trek” TV series in 16 years, has finally arrived.

The first season of the latest revival of the iconic 51-year “Star Trek” franchise — a prequel that takes place before the events in 1966’s original “Star Trek” series — has recently been increased from 13 to 15 episodes. The first episode will debut on CBS this fall before shifting to the CBS All Access streaming channel.

“Ten years before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise, there was Discovery,” the opening reads, dropping us into a desert scene with Sonequa Martin-Green and Michelle Yeoh, first officer and captain of the starship Discovery. The lavishly-produced clip includes a look at the sleek new starship bridge, the royal blue Starfleet uniforms, and it has the familiar theme of a threatening Klingon.

The trailer seems to be a hit so far with descriptions including “dazzling”  and “epic” on entertainment websites. Optimism about the future is one of “Star Trek’s” most enduring traits, and as an avid fan and an optimist, I’d say the preview looks great. The production is movie-quality, with typical “Trek” attention to costumes, from the new Star Fleet uniforms to the believable aliens. The starship “Discovery” looks amazing in exterior and interior shots.

The lens flare and kinetic camera angle in the trailer seem inspired by J.J. Abram’s “Star Trek” movies that are some of my favorite versions of the franchise. The cast — diverse in race, gender and species — seems interesting, and the important “Trek” touchstones of the wonders of space and crew camaraderie are there.

That’s a lot to pack into two minutes. It looks a bit dark, but overall, I’m impressed and looking forward to the show’s debut.