CAUTION: Spoilers ahead! A wrap-up of Sunday night's "Game of Thrones" (Episode 3, Season 6)

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Here we are, at Episode 3 already…..just seven more to go in Season 6. What to make of last night’s show, “Oathbreakers?” A lot of characters were mad as hell and they weren’t going to take it any more. Oaths, shmoaths.

End of watch: Jon Snow came back but didn’t have much to offer in the way of hope for the afterlife, or for his career path. After putting some clothes on, he executed his murderers (how many people get to say they did that?) handed Edd his cloak and strode off into the snow. Jon’s killers thought they were keeping their oath to to the Night’s Watch by eliminating him; Jon kept to Ned Stark’s rule by passing the sentence and swinging the sword. Since one’s watch ends with one’s death, well, Jon figures he can clock out. So many oaths kept and broken here.

You won’t like her when she’s angry: Yet more anger brewed in King’s Landing, where Cersei and Jaime, with the help of the Mountain, invited themselves to the Small Council table. The Small Council was annoyed in a big way and ended things …. by walking out. There was a time when you couldn’t get away with that, you know. Yes, they know. Tommen worked up a good batch of angry and tried to push the High Sparrow around, but that didn’t work, either; Tommen may be king but he can be talked down from just about anything. (The Sparrow’s description of Cersei’s love for her son was a nice Mother’s Day touch, my co-“GoT” watcher and I agreed.) When will this family realize they can’t do things the way they’ve always done them? The rules have changed.

So much for sisterhood:  Daenerys was saved from one form of savagery only to be locked up with another: the Dosh Khaleen, widows of the Khals. They were not impressed with her titles and her adventures. In fact, going out “into the world” after widowhood is against the rules (here, those rules again!) and she can’t count on a permanent place with the Dosh Khaleen. Get a move on, Ser Jorah.

No talking: Bran! You can’t talk to your dad in a vision of the past! Knock it off! Well, who could blame him? The old story of Ned’s swordsmanship turns out to be not quite true. And who is that in the Tower of Joy? Why is Bran being shown this particular episode from the past? Because it’s really important, hello. (A good but spoiler-filled explanation is here.) Bran doesn’t follow the rules, and it may turn out Ned didn’t, either.