Did you watch the season premiere? What did you think the top moments were?

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The season 6 opener can best be described as “uneven” — maybe I’m feeling cheated because:

A) The episode was 56 minutes long;

B) Not a great deal seemed to change. Jon Snow: still dead. Arya Stark: still blind and bullied. Theon Greyjoy: still in big trouble with Ramsay Bolton. Daenerys Targaryen: still on foot.

But, here are some significant things that did happen in “The Red Woman,” in no particular order:

Brienne to the rescue: Finally! We’ve moved through the list of Bad Things That Can Happen to Sansa Stark and arrived in happier territory. There’s nothing like the sight of Brienne of Tarth (and Podrick, of course), crashing through the woods, opening up the can of you-know-what. This was a touching scene as well as a badass one, as so many circles were closed: Brienne fulfilled her promise to Catelyn Stark; Sansa charmingly stumbled through her first oath of sworn service; the sword Brienne placed at Sansa’s feet was forged from Ned’s. Bloody woman, indeed.

Ramsay’s revenge: Wearing the crown of Most Hated Man Since Joffrey, Ramsay still has to contend with his lack of an heir, his missing wife and lack of approval from his dad. The chilling look that comes over Bolton’s face as Roose mentions Walda’s unborn baby is a familiar one — maybe he has a plan after all. And it won’t be pretty.

Flashes of funny: A bit of comic relief reared up in two scenes (one dripping with gore): When two of the Sand Snakes set upon their cousin, and one jumps the gun (or the spear) before the chosen one can kill him. Also, the moment when Khal Moro, seeing Dany, waxes on and on about how seeing a woman naked for the first time is the best thing in the world. His bloodriders disagree, naming several things, in fact, that are just as nice. The Khal’s suppressed eyeroll was something to behold.

The Red Woman: There have been hints that Melisandre is much older than she appears. In probably the biggest surprise of the 56 minutes, we saw how much older, and how powerful the magic is that she conjures. But why couldn’t she save Stannis? And now, what about Jon Snow? (Yes, it is all about Jon Snow.) Was this a show of her power, or a symbol of its deterioration?