Spoiler alert: This piece discusses Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, the Dothraki, King Tommen and Petyr Baelish. If you haven't watched the episode, stand down.

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Episode 6 brought us a satisfying night of reunions, alliances (some uneasy) and fire. Lots of fire.

Go north, young woman: Finally! Fans, you know had a major moment when Sansa, Brienne and Pod appeared at the fort of the Night’s Watch. After the emotional reunion, Sansa got down to brass tacks, telling Jon that she is ready to kick Ramsay out of the north. She was a little let down upon discovering the Wildlings don’t have as many men as Ramsay — but as viewers discovered, Petyr Baelish is rallying the knights of the Vale to help. (Classic moment: During a lamentable meal, Edd apologizes to Sansa about the food, saying, “It’s not what we’re known for.” Also: Baelish rolling in to the Vale and upending basically everything in about five minutes. How does he do that?)

Strange bedfellows: Cersei and Jaime again march into a meeting, this time with some real ammo: The High Sparrow, Tommen has said, is going to force Queen Margaery to undergo the walk of shame. This of course gets Olenna riled up, and she agrees to get an army together. Burning question: Did the High Sparrow really tell Tommen that? Or did Tommen, in a rare moment of craftiness, hatch this scheme by himself? Either way, if we no longer have to listen to the Sparrow’s harping, it’s a win.

Speaking of burning: The odd couple of Ser Jorah and Daario (another uneasy alliance) was able to quit bickering long enough to infiltrate the Dothraki and help Dany burn her captors alive. (Thus endeth all speculation regarding her reputation as  “the unburnt.”) She is now the ruler of an immense fighting force as well as of the hearts of Jorah and Daario. Will she return to Meereen, muster some ships and do some burning in the north? One can only hope.

Watch how it’s done: Meanwhile, back in Meereen, Tyrion made a bargain with the slavers, much to the chagrin of Missandei and Grey Worm. They’re used to the methods of Dany’s crusade as the Breaker of Chains; Tyrion’s method of appealing to greed rather than a sense of right and wrong is a little bit of a slap. Missandei seems to be trying to see things Tyrion’s way, but Grey Worm is not on board. Will this fragile alliance stand?