"GoT" was more like the episodes of old — stuff happened. It was a night of power grabs, of giants, of long knives, of DON'T GO INTO THE KENNEL WITH RAMSAY.

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Now we’re getting somewhere! Sunday night’s “GoT” was more like the episodes of old — stuff happened.  It was a night of power grabs, of giants, of long knives, of DON’T GO INTO THE KENNEL WITH RAMSAY.

Some high points amid all the power transference:

Snow business: No thronie worth her salt knew Jon Snow was really, truly dead. But watching the drawn-out resurrection, and its alliance of unlikely parties, was delicious. A desperate Davos, usually a nonbeliever, approached a badly shaken Melisandre, asking for one more miracle. Had her Lord of Light forsaken her? It looked like it, after her incantation and laying on of hands yielded no result. She fled the room. Davos sadly walked out after her. Then … Ghost stirred, and so did Jon. Worth asking: Will Jon Snow walk among humans as his old self? Or will he be like others who have been brought back (Mountain, I’m looking at you) who aren’t quite…right? Does he have the power to lead a strange-bedfellows consortium in the North? (Update: Kit Harington’s message to fans)

Hate the game and the player: Ramsay Bolton — oh, sorry, Lord Bolton — went beyond Joffrey-level evil in his power grab, killing his father and siccing his fellow mad dogs on his stepmother and newborn brother. He had to wipe out any challenger. But did he have to like it so much? Run, Sansa. Run really, really fast.

Return to the Iron Isles: Yara put up with a lot of man-tificating in this episode, first from her father (who was later murdered by his own brother) and then from her uncle. She thought power would be hers outright; not so, it turns out (just what you want to hear when you are nearly waist-deep in icy ocean water, seeing off your father’s body). Will Theon return, and want his own share? Will Euron take his dead brother’s crown?

Friend of dragons: Most of the humor in Episode 2 came about in Meereen, as Tyrion and Varys try to grasp some power of their own. Tyrion’s journey — with Varys firmly perched at the top of the stairs — to visit Dany’s two remaining dragons was both funny (“don’t eat the help”) and poignant. He risked his life to unchain the beasts, letting loose an unpredictable power that he hopes he can harness. Will we see Tyrion leading forces from the back of a dragon? How cool would that be?