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Over the past three months, the Tom Douglas team has quietly given its Serious Pie & Biscuit restaurant on Westlake Avenue North a drastic makeover, reinventing itself as a pizza-and-beer haven in South Lake Union, targeting the Amazon workforce and the late-night bar crowd.

Gone is the wine shop. In its place is “Serious Bar,” with 24 taps focusing on local and Northwest breweries. And yes, that popular happy-hour Serious Pie pizza is offered here, too.

“We wanted to be a beer-focused operation,” said Tony Catini, head chef at both Serious Pie restaurants. “These Amazon people are beer geeks.”

Other companies with a budget to do demographic studies have drawn the same conclusion — that this Amazon ’hood is an untapped gold mine for craft beer. Last summer, Whole Foods Market opened a bar near its grocery aisles, featuring 12 taps and events such as “Brewer’s Night,” where hop heads can trade tasting notes. Bartell Drugs at Mercer Street took a departure from its business model by opening a growler station so that the Amazon employees can grab brews to go.

It was also not lost on the Douglas team that the most popular bar in South Lake Union is its own Brave Horse Tavern, a beer barn.

At Serious Bar, the snacks are plated prettier than any bar food needs to be — sweet and salty sausage-stuffed peppers topped with smoked mozzarella and small plates of pork liver sausage topped with a duck egg, both juicy, salty morsels.

The only misfire was the lardo crostini with fava greens that lacked acidity to cut through the richness.

But patrons eye only one thing: those popular $6 happy-hour Serious Pies with the pastry-like crust. Serious Pie is a franchise in itself. (A third branch on Capitol Hill is scheduled to open in the fall.)

Unlike its downtown Serious Pie location, where workers complain that the happy-hour pizza (3-5 p.m.) ends before they can get off work, Serious Bar offers those popular $6 pies until 6 p.m.

Serious Pie & Biscuit, 401 Westlake Ave N., offers happy hour weekdays from 3-6 p.m. with $6 half-size pizza, $6-$7 cocktails, select tap beer and wine $5, Rainier $2 (206-436-0050 or

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