Shay Simone and Annya Pin, founders of Simone Pin Productions, a women-of-color production company, are curating multiple shows throughout 2019 for Northwest Film Forum’s first burlesque residency program.

“This dance and performing-arts residency is a really exciting evolution in the multidisciplinary programming we host in our space,” says Rana San, artistic director of Northwest Film Forum.

“I’ve been enthralled by Simone Pin’s work ever since I first saw them perform. When I met Shay and Annya, it was immediately evident that they embodied the spirit of the residency I had conceptualized. Their work celebrates diversity, body positivity, community and instills a sense of self-love that can only be experienced in person.”

Pin says the performance showcases as a mixture of dance, burlesque and singing.

“‘Queens’ is based on the battles experienced by women of color and it is a chess-inspired piece,” says Pin. “It’s the narratives of the games and strategies we have to play to survive.”

“Queens” will run Aug. 22 through Aug. 24 at the Northwest Film Forum. For more information about this and coming shows, visit the forum and Simone Pin Productions’s website.