Theater lovers are football fans, too: Watch a "Book of Mormon" audience freak out after the Seahawks win the playoff game.

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One minute before yesterday’s matinee performance of “Book of Mormon” at the Paramount Theatre, the customary “turn off your cellphones,” announcement was made.

“The entire audience laughed. It was the last minute of the Seattle Seahawks​ game,” wrote HB Radke, who filmed the video, above.

The Vikings kicker was about to make what was sure to be a winning field goal in the Vikings-Seahawks playoff game, dashing the Seahawks’ hopes.

We all know what happened.

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Watch as polite theater-goers lose their minds and start chanting “SEA-HAWKS! SEA-HAWKS!”  (to the bemusement of a few confused out-of-towners).

Since this is Seattle, we assume they all politely put their cellphones away and were very quiet afterwards.