Musicals by Stephen Schwartz, Green Day and others are among Seattle’s September theater offerings.

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There’s a lull in theater openings during these dog days of summer. But come September a new season begins, bringing an avalanche of dramas to Seattle stages.

In the mix also are a smattering of musicals — old, new and semi-new. Here are three we’re keeping an eye out for:

‘American Idiot’

In the spirit of “The Who’s Tommy” and “Evita,” this Broadway hit sprang from chart-busting concept album to popular musical with relative ease.

One good reason? Each of these albums tells a story in song — about an abused child. And a South American dictator’s first lady.

“American Idiot” follows a posse of friends who take divergent paths after high school, shedding their innocence along the way. A national tour of the gritty, high-octane show, with a blastoff score by raw punky rockers Green Day, played at the Paramount Theatre in 2012.

Now Seattle’s ArtsWest is tackling it, but in a theater a fraction of the size of the Paramount, and with a local cast of singer-actors. The action is accompanied by such earworm tunes as the title song, “Know Your Enemy” and “Jesus of Suburbia.”

ArtsWest describes the show as either “observational” (as in, sit back and enjoy) or “immersive” (as in, interact with the performers and be led around the theater). Take your pick.

Sept. 10-Oct. 11 at ArtsWest Playhouse, 4711 California Ave. S.W., Seattle $19-$39.50 (206-938-0339 or


Stephen Schwartz is one of the most successful Broadway composers of our time, and his Tony-honored shows are often close at hand. “Wicked” has come to Seattle numerous times on tour, most recently this July. Two older shows scored by Schwartz — a splendid new revival of “Pippin” and a well-received Taproot Theatre version of “Godspell” — also ran here this summer.

Soon “Snapshots,” a new musical culled from Schwartz’s songbook, will have its local debut at Village Theatre. Mated with a romantic story about a long-married couple finding inspiration through old photos are tunes from a bevy of Schwartz’s scores for his Broadway shows, and Disney films (“Enchanted”).

Schwartz came to the Village back in 2005, to participate in a workshop version of “Snapshots.” Now the piece returns in a more finished form in a full-scale production by the Issaquah theater.

Runs Sept. 10-Oct. 18 at Village Theatre, 303 Front St. N., Issaquah. Also plays Oct. 23-Nov. 15, Everett Performing Center, 2710 Wetmore Ave., Everett. Ticket information: 425-392-2202 or


The potent alcoholic drink absinthe, Frederic Chopin, green fairies, art nouveau and aerial acts are all part of this one-of-a-kind upcoming new cabaret musical at Cafe Nordo in Pioneer Square.

Over a dinner of goulash and various exotic cocktails, co-writers Mark Siano and Opal Peachey (authors of the previous show “Seattle Vice”) promise to whisk you back to 1890s Prague, where Czech composer Antonin Dvorak communes with Chopin, Oscar Wilde and other 19th-century artists of renown to get through the gloom and find new musical inspiration.

Send in the burlesque divas and chamber trio — help is on the way!

Runs Sept. 10-27 at Nordo’s Culinarium, 109 S. Main St., Seattle; $25-$80 (800-838-3006 or