The 9/11-themed musical, a huge hit for Seattle Repertory Theatre (and a coproduction with La Jolla Playhouse), will travel to Washington, D.C., Toronto and New York.

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“Come From Away,” a runaway hit for Seattle Repertory Theatre about a tiny Canadian town’s hospitality toward stranded airplane passengers on 9/11, is headed to Broadway.

The show, penned by husband-and-wife team Irene Sankoff and David Hein, will have a run in Washington, D.C., September-October and will play in Toronto from November into early 2017. The musical will then take the stage at an as-yet-unnamed Broadway theater next spring.

The musical enjoyed sellout crowds in Seattle during its 2015 world premiere. In one act, it tells the true story of remote Gander, Newfoundland, the town where 38 airliners were diverted after terrorist attacks closed U.S. airspace. Residents welcomed nearly 6,000 people, offering home-cooked meals, clothing, places to sleep, medical supplies and care for the pets on board the planes.

The mayor of Gander, Claude Elliott, came to Seattle to see the play, as did one of the pilots who had to land there.

“9/11 was a terrible day in history,” Elliott told The Seattle Times, “but from our perspective we showed the world there’s still some good people left.”