Some "Hamilton" ticket buyers found joy while others faced frustration as ticket sales began Monday for the Seattle run of "Hamilton," playing at the Paramount Theatre Feb. 6 through March 18.

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Update 11/7: 

The Seattle run of “Hamilton” at the Paramount Theatre is now sold out, though there’s still a small chance of getting tickets in the future.

From 11/6:

It’s the hottest theater ticket in town — if you can get one.

First, those hoping to buy tickets to “Hamilton,” playing at the Paramount Theatre Feb. 6 through March 18, had to sign up several days ago with Ticketmaster to become a “Verified Fan.” That gave them a chance — not a guarantee but just a chance — of being randomly selected to buy tickets Monday morning right at 9 a.m. when online ticket sales began.

Those Verified Fans then apparently flooded the Ticketmaster website.

Some people found joy:

Nearly everyone saw many, many minutes tick by as the website searched for tickets:

And some just found frustration:

One colleague tells me he was a click away from buying “Hamilton” tickets with his MasterCard on his phone, when the mobile app screen showed a big icon saying to pay with Visa. He swiped on that and lost his MasterCard order; several later attempts failed.

A reader says he got on the website right when the online sale began at 9 a.m., and his access code was accepted, but every date he tried came back as showing no tickets available.

(Full disclosure: I registered as a Verified Fan and got an access code and was able to get “Hamilton” tickets this morning.)

Some Redditors are also sharing their ticket-buying experiences.

There is still hope for those wanting to buy tickets. While February dates show “limited availability” — likely mostly single seats or tickets for premium seats (which sell for $569), some mid-March shows look to be more open.

Also, Broadway at the Paramount, which is bringing the show to Seattle, has said that a limited number of tickets would be available to purchase in person at the Paramount’s box office, 911 Pine St., starting at 10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 6.

And there will be a lottery for 40 $10 seats for all performances (with the $10 tickets for that day’s performance being sold on the date of the performance); Broadway at the Paramount has said more details about the lottery will be released at a later date.