Book-It Rep premieres a new adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s fantastical anti-war novel “Slaughterhouse-Five,” June 9-July 3.

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In1945, Kurt Vonnegut was an American soldier in a POW camp in Dresden, Germany, when the city was firebombed by Allied Forces. It took Vonnegut more than 20 years to evoke the devastation in his heralded anti-war novel, “Slaughterhouse- Five.”

The book is an utterly original fusion of history, science fiction, surrealism and black comedy, as it follows everyman Billy Pilgrim’s time travel and interplanetary adventures. So how to realize it on stage? Book-It Repertory Theatre gives it a go in a new dramatization adapted and directed by Josh Aaseng.

Previews begin Tuesday, June 9, opens Friday, June 12, and runs through July 3, Center House at the Armory, Seattle Center; $25 (206-216-0833 or