Pop open the virtual escape hatch and flee the boredom of months at home. Kids can skip into space, skitter across the globe or create their own little world inside a fort. Here are five sanity-saving ideas to get families through the next week.

Rocket into space

What are NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken up to, now that they’ve docked at the International Space Station? See if you can catch a glimpse at nasa.gov/live, and view what they’re seeing at eol.jsc.nasa.gov/ESRS/HDEV. Plus, you can watch the station pass overhead if you know the right time to look; find it at spotthestation.nasa.gov.

Check out some very different homes

Google Earth has an eye-opening tour of the places other people call home around the globe — from Madagascar’s thatched huts to a Bedouin structure in Jordan with a name that literally translates to “house of hair.” Explore inside and outside at bit.ly/homes-around-globe.

Build a newspaper fort

When you’re done reading all the great Kids Corner stories in the printed Seattle Times, you could follow a Chicago science museum’s directions for building your own pentagram fort (bit.ly/newspaper-fort), then try draping blankets or sheets over it to make it a true hideaway.

Design a roller coaster

Need an adrenaline rush? Ride a roller coaster virtually — then design your own with plans from the Museum of Flight and Boeing Academy for STEM Learning. Find the virtual coaster and project at the museum’s family activity page: museumofflight.org/Education/At-Home-Family-Activities.

Cook up some fondue fun

You don’t need a fancy fondue pot to try this, just a saucepan and some toothpicks. Customize the Food Network’s cheese fondue recipe (bit.ly/kids-fondue) with your favorite dippers — think bread chunks, apples, pretzels and more. Or indulge that sweet tooth with Delish’s chocolate fondue recipe (bit.ly/kids-chocolate-fondue).