Seattle’s heat wave might not seem so bad after reading and viewing these three chilly tales.

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After weeks of record-breaking high temperatures, we offer three suspenseful stories set in frozen climes that might help you brace for the next heat wave.


‘Touching the Void’

This 2004 film retells one of the climbing world’s “classic and most excruciating accident stories,” as reviewer Craig Welch wrote at the time. It dramatizes a British climber’s three-day ordeal, dragging himself down an icy peak in the Andes after his partner left him for dead.


‘The Terror’

Novelist Dan Simmons loves to mix up horror and history. In one of his best books, “The Terror,” members of Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition don’t just contend with starvation, mutiny and cannibalism in the Arctic, they find themselves stalked across the frozen wastes by a monster. Maybe Simmons took a page from Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” in which the monster and his eponymous creator have a final faceoff in a bleak Arctic landscape.


‘The Thing’

In this 1982 John Carpenter chiller, a team of scientists in Antarctica is menaced by a parasitic extraterrestrial. It takes on the aspects of the various humans it kills (think “absorption”), infecting the survivors with full-blown paranoia … until it runs out of victims.

Seattle Times staff