There's a time and place for chatting, and concerts are not it.

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Loud talkers at the recent Paul Simon concerts at Chateau Ste. Michelle prompted a shower of complaints to our reviewer. Several vowed never to return, tired of trying to hear the music over their chatty neighbors. One concertgoer had to contend with an entire group of loud talkers, half of whom had their backs to the concert. If you want to talk loudly over music, do it at home or at someone’s party.

Smartphone shooting

Few things are worse, concertgoers tell us, than people who spend the entire concert using their smartphones to snap photos and record video. You’re trying to see Paul Simon, Lyle Lovett or Beyoncé, and all you actually see is a sea of glowing screens in your line of vision, “capturing the moment.” Then, the selfies start. Never has photobombing been so tempting.

Impolite driving

Parking in Seattle and its environs is not ever going to be great. If you can’t use Uber or public transport, accept your lot in life (see what we did there?) and take turns exiting the endless rows of cars and joining the line to get out. You’re not going to get home any faster if you’re one car ahead of the driver who cut you off. On the flip side, stay aware, move up and close gaps in line.

Seattle Times staff