Sammamish teen, whose 'Whirled Beat' video went viral in 2012, is back in another video.

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Four years after his father uploaded “Whirled Beat”— the video that made him an Internet sensation —  “Washing Machine Drummer Kid” Jonathan Carollo has a new gig, lending his washing machine drumming talents to a Michael Jackson tribute video. The video, a cover of Jackson’s “Heal the World,” was produced by world music duo Maati Baani and features 45 child prodigies from around the world.

Jonathan was surprised he was asked to be a part of the video, released Aug. 29 on what would have been the King of Pop’s 58th birthday.

“I was the only one not playing a real instrument, and that was actually kind of cool,” Jonathan said. “It seemed like they really wanted me.”

Jonathan’s involvement in the video is just one of several exciting things that have happened since “Whirled Beat,” where Jonathan pounds on a washing machine to produce a beat, went viral in late 2012. (As of writing, the video has over 3.1 million views on YouTube.) Last year, a family trip to New York City resulted in a meet-and-greet with the cast of the theatrical show STOMP. One of Jonathan’s favorite moments came in April 2013, when he was invited to perform on Steve Harvey’s talk show; Jonathan remembered the audience’s enthusiasm as he played for the host.

“The people in the crowd, they were enjoying it, and that was a lot of fun for me,” said Jonathan who lives in Sammamish. “I was a bit nervous at first, but it was pretty fun when I got into it.”

Dan Carollo said that his son is “sort of ready to move on” from the identity of the Washing Machine Drummer Kid. At age 14, he’s not really a kid anymore, but an incoming freshman at Eastlake High School, where he’ll be playing the snare drum in the marching band. Even so, Jonathan continues to play the washing machine from time to time.

“He’s a bit humble about his abilities, he doesn’t like to think too much about it, and as far as he’s concerned he just wants to have fun and go about his business,” Dan Carollo said.

Even now, Jonathan said he gets recognized by people who’ve seen the video.

“They ask me if I was that kid who was drumming on the washing machine, and I’ll tell them, ‘oh yeah, that’s me,’” Jonathan said. “And then they’ll say, “hey, that’s cool.’”