New DVD releases for Tuesday, April 21, include the Liam Neeson actioner “Taken 3” and the zombie parody “The Walking Deceased.”

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New DVDs

“Taken 3” brings the action home on Tuesday, April 21. Star ratings are by Seattle Times movie reviewers, freelancers or wire services. For full reviews, search the title at Release dates are subject to change.

★★½  “Taken 3 (PG-13): The third installment of the series moves the action from international locations to Los Angeles, where former government operative Bryan Mills is wanted for a crime he didn’t commit. While trying to find the real criminal, there is a cop (played by Forest Whitaker) trying to find him. Liam Neeson stars.

★★½  Like Sunday, Like Rain (R): Director Frank Whaley uses a leisurely pace to develop the tender but awkward relationship between a struggling 23-year-old New York nanny (Leighton Meester) and a 12-year-old genius (newcomer Julian Shatkin).

★½  “The Walking Deceased (rated R): A parody of “The Walking Dead,” “Zombieland,” “Warm Bodies,” “28 Days Later” and the entire career of George A. Romero.

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