The Northwest riot grrrl greats are back in the studio.

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When Sleater-Kinney made its triumphant return from an eight-year hiatus, the riot grrrl greats had fans and critics swooning. The band’s first album in a decade, 2015’s “No Cities to Love,” was a fixture on year-end lists, and subsequent tour dates – which included a raucous three-night stand at Seattle’s Showbox – drew Gen Xers and millennials alike.

Now, the Olympia-born rockers are apparently working on new music. In a new interview with Billboard, guitarist/singer Carrie Brownstein let slip that the band has returned to the studio. The bad news for Sleater-Kinney die-hards? Any proper follow-up to “No Cities to Love” (not counting last year’s superb “Live in Paris”) doesn’t appear imminent. The Redmond native pumped the brakes when Billboard asked about the timeline.

“Now, just so you know, we’re going to do this very slowly,” she told them. “It’s an ongoing conversation.”

The band’s publicist, when asked for details by the The Seattle Times, also cautioned that things are slowly getting started, and it makes sense that any new Sleater-Kinney album might take its sweet time to materialize. Ever the dual-threat entertainer, Brownstein and Fred Armisen are amid the promo push for the final “Portlandia” season, which begins Jan. 18 on IFC. Brownstein is also busy directing her first feature film, “Fairy Godmother,” expected later this year.

Meanwhile, singer/guitarist Corin Tucker is still gigging with Filthy Friends, the supergroup she formed with R.E.M.’s Peter Buck, members of King Crimson and the Minus 5, and occasionally Krist Novoselic. If you missed Filthy Friends’ Seattle debut (one of the highlights of Bumbershoot last year), the star-studded band returns for a headlining gig Jan. 27 at Neumos.