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Putting together an album and promotional tour can be a challenge for any musician. The Lake Forest Park-based Keira Verlee just finished recording her second full-length CD (“Happy Like Monkey that Climb”) with eclectic new band Verlee for Ransom, and is booked for the entire summer. On Friday, May 20, they will be playing the Q Café in Interbay to debut their first record as a band.

While Verlee may make it seem all too easy at the age of 17, she has more than enough to keep her busy aside from intelligent songwriting, fronting a band and playing multiple instruments. A junior at Shorecrest High School, she is also working towards a music transfer degree at Shoreline Community College via the Running Start program. She is surprisingly able to make time for her hobbies scuba diving and snowboarding, as well as a part-time job. This daunting schedule isn’t too much for her to handle, however.

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