Seattle Peace Chorus presents "Peace in Jerusalem," a multipart concert embracing Islamic, Jewish and Christian musical traditions on Nov. 20 and 22.

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In the spirit of peace on earth and goodwill toward men, the Seattle Peace Chorus presents “Peace in Jerusalem,” a multipart concert embracing Islamic, Jewish and Christian musical traditions.

“We’re trying to create a space to promote dialogue in a peaceful manner and to show the commonalities between these faiths through music,” says Peter Bayard, the chorus’ PR director.

Selections span eras and continents, centering on Leonard Bernstein’s dynamic “Chichester Psalms,” sung in Hebrew and buoyed by pipe organ — which, when it comes to sacred sound, is equaled only by a skilled chorus. The 45-member Seattle Peace Chorus is exactly that, bringing its music and mission around the world for 26 years.

Also on the program are the reverent Dona Nobis Pacem movement from Bach’s B Minor Mass, a choral piece by Italian Renaissance composer Palestrina, the debut of a gospel work by Seattle luminary Cora Jackson, traditional Iranian ensemble Kamand, and the performance of a modern Arabic peace prayer.

Both events will host local organizations dedicated to interfaith understanding, such as the Center for American-Islamic Relations and the Middle East Peace Camp for Children.

“As people are excited about the message we’re promoting with the music, they walk out and say ‘Here’s something I can do, a way I can take action,’ ” Bayard says. “It’s worked well in the past and makes it more than a musical program, makes it a call to action. But the music’s really good, too, so it’s gonna be a good show.”

Jonathan Zwickel: