NEW YORK (AP) — The publishing world has a new pet project: A picture book about the Biden family dogs, the German shepherds Champ and Major.

Dial Books for Young Readers announced Thursday that “Champ and Major: First Dogs” will be published Jan. 19, the day before Joe Biden is to be sworn in as the next president. The book was written by National Book Award longlist nominee Joy McCullough and illustrated by Sheyda Abvabi Best.

“I learned to love dogs during an extremely difficult time, and have had one in my life ever since,” McCullough said in a statement. “Their boundless devotion, affection, and unconditional love is essential to my mental health. My pets have always been (and always will be!) rescues, and I was delighted to learn that with President Biden’s election, there will finally be a rescue dog living in the White House. I celebrated by writing this story!”

Books about White House animals have a long tradition, notably then-first lady Barbara Bush’s “MIllie’s Book,” a day in the life of the presidential dog, and Hillary Clinton’s “Dear Socks, Dear Buddy,” about the Clintons’ cat Socks and dog Buddy.