It’s difficult to remember every candidate running in the super-crowded, fractured, endless, extra and precocious Democratic presidential primary, so Jimmy Kimmel made up a song to the tune of a memorable Mary Poppins ditty to help you recall their names.

He debuted the parody on his late-night talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” on Tuesday night.

“There’s a lot of Democrats in the race right now,” he said.

So far, 23 candidates have thrown in their hats, and while some candidates – notably former Vice President Joe Biden and Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. – might be household names, others might be known only to the most dedicated of politicos. The field is expected to winnow as primary debates begin this summer and continue into the fall.

Kimmel borrowed the tune of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and proceeded to list every single declared 2020 candidate as the audience clapped to the beat.

“Booker, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Messam, Bennett, Inslee…”

It keeps going, but you get it.

Kimmel’s mnemonic is no “Animaniacs President’s Song,” but it could help viewers get up to speed on the Democrats vying for the White House. Plus, memorizing it could be a great party trick; you’ll always sound precocious.