After a nice trip to the Woodland Park Zoo, the roomies return and find the "bad blood" making themselves at home.

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The time has finally come for the original roommates to be reunited with their bad blood. Let the  tears, fights and forced hugs commence. Here are highlights from this week’s episode (Oct. 26):

Jordan and Mike: Rewind to the first episode when Jordan rejected Mike’s advances and said that he’s not her type. It looks like she may have changed her mind. Jordan and Mike get cozy at a night out at the clubs and later in the confessional. Only time will tell if these two will be the love birds of this season, or if it’s just a tease.

Tyara yells at everyone (not a surprise): Another episode, another fight with Tyara. During a night out, Tyara is left alone in an upper area of a club. The roommates all leave for different reasons and at different times, but Tyara thinks everyone left together without her on purpose. A screaming fight breaks out between her and Katrina, and later her and Theo. Of course, Theo decides to come around and calm her down.

The reunion: After a nice outing to the zoo, the original seven roommates are greeted with their bad blood counterparts at the house. Two more rooms are revealed, and the seven newbies make themselves at home. The originals walk into the newbies lying on their beds. Most greet each other with an uncomfortable smile, awkward hug, or in Tyara and Kim’s case, completely ignore each other. The tension is thick. It’s clear that it’s a house divided, originals vs. newbies.

A few things we learned: Anika hates her ex-boyfriend Will for not telling her that he was going to have a child after they had broken up. (She found out over Facebook.) Theo and Kassius are still at odds as to whose marijuana got Theo arrested. Sparks are flying between Peter and Anna. And most everyone is convinced that Tyara’s British accent is fake.

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