The roommates attend a Black Lives Matters protest after a cast member makes an exit.

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This week’s episode of “Real World Seattle” (Nov. 30)  took the roommates to Ocean Shores, a Black Lives Matter protest, and we witnessed a dramatic exit. Here is what you need to know:

Theo and Kassius: Honestly, the producers should have titled this season “Real World Seattle: The Theo and Kassius Show” because everything seems to revolve around them and the bad blood they seem incapable of putting to rest. If one of them even looks at the other, they end up in an argument. It doesn’t help that Theo continues to remind everyone that he went to jail because of Kassius. Kassius cries throughout the episode for one reason or another, and the episode ends with the two getting into an altercation over Mike (more on that later).

Ocean Shores: The roommates travel to Ocean Shores because they obviously need a vacation from their strenuous lives. After failing to fly kites, the cast shares personal stories at a bonfire on the beach. Jen reveals she was in an abusive relationship; Mike got into drugs, went to jail and joined the Aryan brotherhood (!); and Theo also went to jail (in case you missed him telling that story on every episode).

Racial tensions: The show takes a serious turn when Mike makes very inappropriate racial comments to Jordan. Everyone is heavily intoxicated, which only escalates the situation. Mike decides to leave the house. He says he doesn’t want to be portrayed as a racist. His exit upsets Jordan, who finally admits that she likes him back. Following Mike’s exit, the roommates go to a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Seattle where Kassius speaks out and shares his story.

Seattle sites spotted: Supreme Cutz, downtown