Readers rant about cancer, dark restaurants with the blinds down and illegal activity downtown, and rave about Fremont Bridge, Seattle police, Pompeii exhibit and Metro bus drivers.

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RANT To cancer. It’s claimed the lives of two of the original 12 women in my parent support group; the most recent, only age 35, passed away leaving behind a young son and daughter. Please, everyone, get your screenings, donate to research and love the people you have while they’re here.

RAVE To the crew painting the Fremont Bridge, gateway to the Center of the Universe. Awesome job!

RANT To restaurants who obscure views with blinds, often leaving them down all the time, and to restaurant patrons who request or accept window seats, then promptly pull down the blinds or request restaurant personnel (or even other patrons!) to do so. If you don’t like it, don sunglasses or sit on the dark side of the restaurant. Some of us actually like the rare sun here and even chose to visit the restaurant to enjoy its view, often paying higher prices for the privilege of eating at a waterfront restaurant. Let the sunshine in, avert your eyes or go elsewhere. Better yet, get rid of those blinds. Most places lacked them until recently, or didn’t use them. What’s changed; are we turning into moles?

RAVE To the Seattle police officer who pulled me over on the Aurora Bridge. I was definitely over the speed limit and aware of it, thinking that because it was 5 a.m. I could get away with it. The officer was professional, polite, reminded me of my stellar driving record to date, gave me a warning citation and treated me with dignity and respect during the entire process.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the adult with the group of kids sitting behind us in the IMAX Theatre. Those kids munched and crinkled their paper popcorn bags through the entire film, completely oblivious that their noisemaking was irritating to those around them. I can forgive oblivious kids, but the adult with them should have taught them to be more considerate and aware of their behavior on others. Maybe IMAX shouldn’t sell snacks during short, educational films, or get quieter bags! Rave to the Pacific Science Center for the awesome “Pompeii: The Exhibition” visiting exhibit. It is stunning and a feast for the senses. So grateful it’s in Seattle!

RAVE To the Metro drivers and maintenance staff that do such a good job day in and day out.

RANT Please clean up Seattle between Pike and Pine on Third Avenue, an open market for pimps and prostitutes, drug dealers and stoners. Those of us who ride the bus have to witness all kinds of illegal activities while waiting at the bus stops. It’s more than disgusting; it’s an embarrassment for our beautiful city, besides being illegal.