Readers rave about a free haircut, a cheerful donation center employee and a John Prine concert; rant about rude drivers, yelling at Green Lake, “Pops” and laws not enforced.

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RAVE On my way in to get a haircut, a gentleman politely opened the door for me (a 90-something World War II veteran). After my haircut, I went to pay and was flabbergasted to learn the gentleman had paid for my haircut. I made a 10-fold donation to a children’s charity in his honor.

RANT To the couple in the huge SUV who leapt out of their car to threaten assault on an elderly couple over a parking space at a Seattle park. It was horrible for everyone who witnessed it and completely out of line. They’re lucky no one called the police.

RAVE To the Goodwill donation center employee who greeted me with a big smile and “Isn’t it a beautiful day?” My mother passed away recently and I was donating her clothing, a pretty glum undertaking. It was so nice to be met with a smile and a reminder that the sun still shines and there’s much good in the world. She turned my day around!

RANT To the jogger at Green Lake who yelled at me to pick up after my dog. I’d stepped to the side of the path to get out of the way of runners and to get a bag out of my pocket. Sorry I was moving too slow for you, but part of my rehab from knee surgery is walking the lake. A little more patience and a little less rush to self-righteous judgment, please!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to pedestrians who refuse to use orange crossing flags at intersections where they’re provided. Hey, you in the dark outfit: Pick up a flag so I can see you! Rave to flag-waving walkers.

RANT To the young man who said as I was getting up from my seat at a crowded coffee shop: “Done here, Pops?” Totally insulting and gratuitous (I was obviously leaving). I wish I’d asked him if he was a time traveler from the 1950s and I should’ve kept my seat a few more minutes. As it was, I said “Pops?” and gave him a reproachful stare. I hope he was abashed, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to John Prine’s March 5 concert at the Paramount. He’s a master singer and songwriter. Rant to the yahoos in the audience caterwauling and talking through the concert. What a bunch of idiots.

RANT To various city of Seattle departments for their failure to enforce speed limits, designated turn lanes and regulations that dogs aren’t allowed at park beaches that dog owners ignore at Golden Gardens and elsewhere. Either enforce the laws or change them, but don’t turn a blind eye to them!